14 Things To Carry On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is finally right around the corner and you probably know that you will have a lot of stuff to bring with you on your wedding day, and if you cannot carry it all by yourself, have your friend carry it for you. So, here is a checklist from Kalyan Sarees to make sure you don’t forget to bring along all these important items.

1. Touch ups here n’ there

Make sure you have a make-up kit of your own even if you’re getting it done by a professional. It helps if you want to touch up your makeup for any mascara runs or lipstick smudges.

Handy make up kit on your wedding day

2. For one last time

Make sure you carry a small mirror, for your last minute check and quick touch ups before walking down the aisle.

Small mirror for last time - kalyan sarees

3. Tissues – A Must Have!

Pack some tissues; A lot of tears fall from a bride’s face when all the emotion of the day get too much.


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4. Dehydration Under Control

It’s your day filled with thrill and panicky moments and no one want a fainting bride with low blood sugar. Carry a water bottle to make sure you’re hydrated throughout the day.

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5. Pins – Always in-demand

We all agree that this tiny little thing is ‘THE’ most important thing in the entire wedding. Hairpins and safety pins are always useful for any hair or dress crisis. Better have a couple of hair and safety pins available handy.

carry hair pins and safety pins during your wedding

6. You gotta Smell Amazing on your wedding day!

It is going to be a long day and for sure you will start to feel sweaty as the day goes on, so keep your perfume and deodorant close by.

bad odor wedding day

7. Ouch! It hurts.

You’re on your toes most of the day and there is a very good chance that you may hurt or give your foot some blisters since. Keep Band-Aids handy to help your dear feet.

Blisters indian bride wedding

8. Your feet for sure will be craving after

You never know when you might need a pair of comfortable footwear to help your feet relax. It is always better to carry a pair of comfortable footwear.

Obviously this image is an exaggeration! But you get the point ?

9. Double Stick Tape

This definitely is a life saver in case of dresses that need a little bit more help staying in place or for any wardrobe malfunctions.

10. You obviously don’t want one on your dress!

It is always better to carry a stain remover because things get stained when we least expect them to.

11. Headaches are Natural, You know!

Do not forget to carry Aspirin, it will help you going for the rest of the day as sometimes the stress is just too much.

12. Smile Please – Highly recommended by Kalyan Sarees

The best make-up any bride can wear, So Smile ?

With all these things in hand, you are all set to deal with anything that the day throws at you. Happy Wedding!

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