The Capital of Silks

TS Kalyanaramaiyer had a humble start when he decided to create the brand Kalyan in 1909. This textile venture in Thrissur has since been headed by his grandson TS Ramachandran along with his partner Latha Ramachandran for over thirty years.

Kalyan Sarees, deeply rooted in its Indian heritage brings together exceptional work of weavers and artisans across the country. Each of their sarees are handpicked by Latha Ramachandran to bring a diverse and unique collection to their customers.

The Kalyan Saree stores have built a strong reputation of quality and trust all throughout Kerala. Their stores in Aswini Junction, Thrissur holds a high level of dedication and excellence. We believe each handwoven saree has a story to tell and Kalyan sarees tells you the story.


Aswini Junction, Kovilakathumpadam, 680022, Thrissur, Kerala, India
Ph:+91 487 233 1111